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Our Reservation Policy

Whilst we encourage online bookings, please be aware that there may be limited availability. If your preferred time is unavailable, please contact the restaurant directly on +61 (02) 8214 0505.

We require credit card details to secure any reservation. If you were to cancel less than 48 hours in advance or not arrive for the booking, a cancellation fee may apply.

All reservations to be confirmed prior to the booking. We will try to confirm with you, however if you have not been contacted please phone or email us directly. We reserve the right to cancel any un-confirmed reservations.

All bookings at 6:00 or 6:15 pm are subject to a two hour dining time.

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The Bentley Group is committed to the health and safety of our staff members, suppliers, and our guests and we continue to monitor the ongoing news and announcements regarding the spread of COVID-19. The Bentley Group will implement the following measures to prevent community transmission, based on our Industry Guidelines of COVID Safe Workplaces NS, and working closely with each restaurant in which we are operating.

Food Safety and Hygiene
The Bentley Group will continue to uphold our high Food Safety and Hygiene standards to protect our staff, suppliers and guests including:
● Handwashing before and after all preparation of food and food handling;
● Handwashing stations to be set up and used during every service and included in briefing of all staff (front-of-house and back-of-house areas);
● Hand sanitisers available and used at all food and beverage preparation and surface areas;
● Daily cleaning, disinfectant and sterilisation of kitchen equipment and surfaces;
● No touching of eyes, nose and mouth.
● Wherever possible, chefs to wear disposable gloves during food preparation and service
● Hand sanitiser available for guests at each table
● Tables and chairs sanitised prior to guest arrival
● Guests are temperature checked on arrival at Monopole (NA as the venue is not open as of 08/10/2020)

Employee Wellbeing
● Bentley Group staff who are unwell with respiratory illness or display COVID symptoms are encouraged to be tested and will remain at home until symptoms resolve.


Wellbeing of Guests
● We are taking all steps to ensure our guests are aware they should only attend our restaurants if they are feeling well and do not have any respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms.
● Each venue has assigned one staff member as a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshall (who wears a badge) and is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the COVID-19 Safety Plan are being adhered to including overseeing social distancing, cleaning and appropriate record keeping.

Physical Distancing
● Internal capacity will not exceed, to a maximum of one person per 4 square metres – the guest capacities for Bentley is 80 people.
● Guests are booked at staggered arrival times to minimise any congestion at entry
● Alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers; all beverages are served directly to each guest by their restaurant waiter
● No private group reservations for more than 30 pax
● An appropriate distance is to be maintained between tables in the restaurant
● Guests from the same household will be seated next to each other, to make it easier to fit everyone safely together;
● Where possible, we will ensure staff maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing.

Record Keeping
● For each phone, email or online reservation; customer phone number and email address is to be recorded
● As guests enter the venue, they must complete the QR code sign in process – this is also applicable for any walk-in’s or patrons attending the bar
● Lists will be maintained for 28 days after each service. If we have a staff member or guest who gets diagnosed with COVID-19, we understand public health will ask for all records to assist with contact tracing;
● We encourage all staff and guests to download the COVIDSafe app to support contact tracing, if required;
● We ask everyone to cooperate with NSW Health if contacted in relation to a COVID-19.

Bentley Group will be guided by expert advisory organisations and act accordingly when new advice is received.




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